Larry Conley Recommends Louis H. Watson, Jr.

Watson & Norris were recommended by a former employer of mine. I called them late one afternoon and by noon the next day I was an official client. The incident that occurred that required professional help was in January 2020 what a year right? The courts were bogged down and everything went into slow motion. In spite of the obstacles they had to hurdle my case was settled 13 months from the start. The whole staff there is the top choice in their profession. I was treated with respect and professionalism from day one and it's still that way today. Often times we find ourselves speaking to a para legal or a secretary when we deal with law firms. You won't find that here. Mr Watson himself has called me on a Sunday afternoon to discuss my case. I lost my first born on 4/10/2020 and that's quite a blow for any parent. I can recall 2 phone calls from their office just checking on me. Now who does that? I'll tell you who, people that truly care about their clients. You won't find that type of loyalty and concern anywhere else. I could not live with myself if I didn't tip my hat to Mr John Teal, He is truly a genuine man. So if anyone has the opportunity to use Watson & Norris you will be blessed by having Mr Teal to work with. Thank you John! This firm won my case and it went down just like they said it probably would. I had my money 30 or so days after we settled. We went up against some high end attorneys from New York in Federal Court and made a solid argument that couldn't be beat. I'm proud to have this opportunity to share with you my experience with this firm. It's been an honor to have the honesty and understanding that comes from genuine people. Thanks to ALL the staff!! Sincerely, Larry Conley

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– Larry Conley

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