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When employers terminate or lay off employees they sometimes offer severance agreements when notifying the employee of their employment endings.  These severance agreements traditionally offer money and other incentives to employees in exchange for employees waiving all legal claims they can pursue as well provisions that limit what the employee can do for work after employment ends.  Our law firm assists employees with reviewing these agreements, negotiating better deals and advising employees as to what their best options may be prior to signing a severance agreement.


In an effort to prevent high-level or employees with specialized knowledge from leaving a position at a company for a similar position at another, employers may add a non-compete clause to their employment contracts. While many of these clauses are valid, some are so broad that they prohibit the employee from pursuing or obtaining any outside job opportunities, should they need to leave their current position.  If want to get out of a restrictive non-compete agreement, or if you want an attorney to review a non-compete clause before you sign a contract, the experienced employee rights lawyers at the law firm of Watson & Norris, PLLC, are ready to help you. Contact our office in Jackson, Mississippi, to schedule a consultation.


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Overly broad non-compete clauses include employment restrictions in large geographical areas. They may also place restrictions on the amount of time that must pass before the employee — or former employee — can seek similar employment. Our firm fights to limit overly broad restrictions of non-compete agreements. We file claims in Chancery Court to help ensure our clients can find and obtain new employment. Our law firm represents a wide range of clients, many of whom include:

  • Executives
  • Sales men and women
  • Specialized doctors
  • Computer programmers or other employees trusted with company technology and patents
  • And other specialized employees

Whatever their position, employees have a right to be protected from unfavorable clauses. With many years of experience in employment and labor law, we have skills and knowledge to be an effective advocate on our clients' behalf.

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