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Long Term Disability Claims

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was enacted to  protect employees’ rights to collect employee benefits, including  pension benefits and employee benefits such as long-term disability,  health insurance, life insurance and other benefits provided at work.   One of the most important ERISA benefits is long-term disability (LTD)  benefits, which can provide an income if you are injured or sick and  unable to work.  Insurance companies and ERISA administrators often  wrongfully deny benefits to people who are disabled.  Fighting to  obtain ERISA LTD benefits requires a thorough understanding of a very  complicated area of the law. For example, in ERISA LTD cases, most  people don’t know that the disabled person usually only has one chance  to appeal, and if the appeal is denied, a court can only look at the  evidence that was submitted to the insurance company.  When a person  becomes sick or injured, he or she has many things to worry about, and  may not understand all of the complicated procedures in obtaining LTD  benefits.  Insurance companies and ERISA administrators know this, and  often deny benefits to people who are disabled, and hope to use the  complicated rules in their favor.  People seeking LTD benefits need a  highly skilled legal team on their side; ERISA claims can be  successfully litigated if the ERISA disablity lawyer is knowledgeable of ERISA  procedures.

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